Land Use and Zoning

The Law Office of David M. Click maintains a vibrant land use practice. Attorney Click regularly assists developers, business owners and property managers with a wide variety of zoning and land use disputes. He handles land use matters in all areas between Worcester and Boston, MA.

Whenever you need approval from a local government for a variance, special permit, site plan, zoning change, or anything else related to the use of your property, it is important to get an attorney involved at the outset of the process. By hiring the Law Office of David M. Click early, he can help you put together your application and supporting evidence, and appear with you or on your behalf at any hearings. He can ensure that you put your best foot forward the first time you seek approval for your project. Because local governments have discretion over land use matters, it is often far easier and cheaper to get a project approved the first time around than it is to appeal and reverse a denial.

However, if your project is denied, Attorney Click is an accomplished attorney with vast experience handling zoning appeals. He can help you make the best arguments to the appellate body. He can also find any pressure points that may convince the local government to overturn the denial in full or find a compromise that allows the core of your project to go forward. He can assess your appeal and recommend the best strategy to get to a satisfactory resolution.

Land use and zoning are complex areas of law with scores of detailed requirements and hidden pitfalls. Having an experienced zoning attorney from the Law Office of David M. Click advise you from the start will allow you to evaluate the feasibility of your project and then navigate the process from idea to project approval, as quickly and efficiently as possible.